Dedicated Flash for CANON
E-TTL, E-TT II, E-TTL Film & Digital Cameras
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Bounce Zoom Swivel

The Vivitar 283 Electronic Flash is innovatively designed for both digital cameras and film cameras with features that are leading photography into the digital era. Advanced Technology is used in your flash to control the correct amount of light output. Please take a few minutes to read the instruction manual before use.

Power Saving Function

If there is no communication between the flash and the camera for around 3 minutes, the flash will automatically be switched to power saving mode in order save battery power. The Ready Light will stay lit on flash.

The flashgun is not completely switched off in power saving mode. However, power consumption is drastically reduced. If you are not gong to use your flashgun for a while, we recommend you to turn the flash off.

Bounce and Swivel Function

Using direct flash to illuminate a subject will result in a harsh, unnatural and unattractive shadows. This can be avoided by using the bounce and/or swivel function. The Flash head can be tilted to an angle of 45°, 60°, 75°, or 90° and rotated horizontally 180° to left and 90° to the right. You can tilt or rotate the flash head to bounce the light off the ceiling or walls. While shooting indoors, this technique can help to create more natural looking pictures of people with softer shadows. In order to have your pictures correctly exposed using bounce or swivel flash, the following is recommended to users:

Select white or reflective surfaces to bounce the light off. Otherwise your pictures will come with an an unnatural color cast similar to tat of the reflecting surface.

Set the camera's exposure mode to Aperture Priority Auto ("A") or Manual ("M")

Use a wider aperture than you normally do, as 2 or 3 stops of light can be lost when using bounce flash.

Zoom Function

The zoom head function covers the focal length of 28-35-50-85mm in four stops. To chose these positions, simply move the flash head as shown.

Note: Make sure the flash is set to a focal length equal to or wider than the focal length of the camera's lens to assure proper coverage.


Red Focus assist beam for low light focusing

Automatic shutter speed setting

Flash readiness indication

Front and rear curtain synchronization

Power saving function


Guide No: (ISO 100) 42(m) / 138 (ft) at 85mm position
Auto focus / E-TTL, E-TTL II metering

Red Focus beam to assist in low light conditions

DSLR auto focus

Flash Head: 28-35-50-85mm

Bounce Angle: 0°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°

Swivel Angle: Right 0° - 90° ; Left 0° - 180°

Power Source: Four 1.5v AA size batteries (R6, LR6)

Flash Duration: 1/500 - 1/30000

Recycling Time: 0.3 - 7 sec.

Dimensions: Approx. 77 (w) x 132 (H) x 102 (D) mm

Weight w/o batteries: Approx. 260g






Si resides en Gran Canaria, la tramitación tarda de 2 a 3 días una vez entregada toda la documentación requerida.

Si resides en otra isla o en la Península, puedes solicitar la financiación por e-mail a indicando el producto a financiar, tipo de financiación deseada y enviando la documentación requerida por correo electrónico o fax 928265285. Suele tardar de 4 a 5 días en concederse.

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